A few more recce rides.

Well training is coming along well, am feeling good on the bike again and can ride all day. We have had a nice break in the weather and its been glorious to just get out and enjoy the scenery and outdoors. Have done a few more checkouts of the route and am amazed at how many cyclists are out and about the numbers are definitely increasing on this stretch of road. Lots of official Ridelondon jerseys and some very nice new bikes Leith and Box hill are now a mecca for those on two wheels. I am glad to report the bridge on Newark Lane is now almost done (just some line painting to do) some very nice new tarmac along that stretch of road. On the other hand there is the equivalent of the Grand Canyon on the B2126 between Forest Green and Leith Hill lane. The road was currently shut as from last weekend. You can just about get past with a bike as long as you can throw your bike over a 6 foot high fence and then get past a few prickly holly bushes. The road should be fixed in a few days hopefully, they have sorted out the subsidence but just need to fill in the trench and tarmac it over.

Checking out the RideLondon route again.

Checking out the RideLondon route again.

Its getting close now, the signs are up along the route for advanced road closures. Get on your bike people – NOT LONG TO GO NOW !!!!


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