Smashed Legs.

Sun !!! yeah, temperature is up above 15 degrees. On with the shorts and the jersey and I am in the mood to do some further distance. I nice gentle ride is the order of the day, following the 2012 Olympic route. I climbed up and over the downs for a very nice coffee and cake at a very nice coffee shop in Shere. This is where the day goes “wrong”. The coffee shop is full of cyclists (as they are all out with the weather) So to get a seat in the coffee shop garden, I park myself on a table with a group of other cyclists. It turns out they are from Dorking cycling club and are following a route over towards Box Hill. Well as the day was nice, I asked if I could follow along and they readily agreed.

What followed next was two hours of leg smashing hill climbs, up and down everything they could find in the Surrey Hills (a few of the routes I had already covered earlier in the day). I eventually ended up at the top of Box Hill with my legs in a lot worse state. This would not be so bad except I still had a good 40/50km to get home. The ride back was a bit more subdued.
Learning point of this tale is… don’t let your brain overrule your legs.

Up and down a lot

Up and down a lot

Total distance ridden this year is 698.2 km
which puts me about… halfway across Europe.

698km ridden so far this year.

698km ridden so far this year.


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