Pot Holes, Wheels and Wobbles.

So I rode out towards Woking as it was about the best day of the year so far. I took the round-about route and followed some of the back roads. Sky was blue and the sun was a welcome sight, even though you can only just feel its power on the bike. Hopefully things will warm up soon. I had a long stop and a few coffees over near the sports centre and then thought about getting back. (this is where the problems started)

The sun had already gone down and this was not a problem as I rode through Woking and Horsell which are well lit. The problems started as I hit the back lanes. It was completely pitch black. My LED light on my bike does not throw much light onto the floor. It is designed for me to be seen (not to see the road) Some of the lanes have not a bad surface, but some are horrendous. My ride back was a very cautious one. Unable to see the verge for most of it I had to ride close to the white line, ducking back into the kerb every time there was a glow of headlights behind me. I hit a few big pot holes, the state of the roads are terrible after all the rain we had. There were more than a few clunks as the front wheel took a number of hits.

This morning as I am about to set off on my morning commute I get that tell tell noise of the wheel against the brake rims. Yep its knocked out of true.
On goes the spare wheel and we make it to work. Trip to get the wheel pulled out now planned for the weekend.

A horrible feeling of de ja vu


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