80 miles coming up this weekend.

Checking the weather for Sunday I am now cursing the sun !!!! Have booked in for the Long Route on of the Reigate Sunday Sportive Which is a fairly hilly 80 miles (135km). The problem is the temperature is forecast to be almost 30 degrees Celsius. Now I am sure my Italian cycle chums will laugh, but 30 degrees and exercise don’t mix well for English people. I don’t think I can carry that much water !.

Counting down the final weeks now, and the event is getting very close. At least the Tour de France is on at the moment, which is another incentive to get out on the bike and with the current weather there is no excuse. Current sponsorship is standing at 715 pounds and I still have to add the money that is in the bucket on the bar at my local pub. (it was looking pretty full last time I looked).

More updates from Sundays ride will be posted soon.

Do smooth legs really make you go any faster ?

Do smooth legs really make you look faster ?


One thought on “80 miles coming up this weekend.

  1. I can tell you from my MTB and road-rash experience that it makes removing bandages from crash damaged legs a more pleasant experience… and I look much better in a dress 😉

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