3 Counties Bike Ride.

The weather for cycling has definitely improved. A great big high was sitting over the top of the UK a beautiful 17 degrees and clear blue skies. Pete and I had signed up to do the Rotary Club’s 3 Counties cycle ride, a beautiful 50 mile ride out into the Chilterns. Pete and I did the Isle of Wight Randonnee a few weeks back and this was going to be another training session to get some miles in. On the day Pete was unable to ride, he went down with a chest infection. (The similarity with Bradley Wiggins / Giro Italia was way to coincidental I thought) Was not looking forward to a 50 mile time trial on my own.

At the check-in point I bumped into Grant (Who I play footy with) He had a gang of 5 going out on the 33 mile course and he was very kind in letting me tag along. (its a lot better to ride in a group)

It was a very pleasant ride with no drama, apart from getting a puncture 2 miles from the finish. (I dug out a tiny flint from the tyre after I got it back in the garage) The 50 mile route goes up over the Chilterns which is a bit of a climb but you are treated to a lovely 10 mile downhill into Henley on Thames.

All the ride details are here.


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