Royal Ride.

Well it was a nice evening yesterday so a gentle post work ride was in order. As the queens backyard is near to were I work, I thought I would turn over a couple of circuits of Windsor park. After almost getting side swiped by a van (thanks for that) the roads in the park are a welcome change. No cars allowed, so the only obstacles are horses and other cyclists. Loads of wildlife in the park, deer, pheasants and loads of water birds. The lack of traffic means they get a fair chance of not ending up as road kill. Loads of joggers and other people out enjoying the sunshine.

Evening Ma'am, is it Gin o'clock yet ?

Evening Ma’am, is it Gin o’clock yet ?

Called in on her Majesty but no one was home. Gentle ride tomorrow and then on to the Isle Of Wight at the weekend.


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